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Justin & Jennifer Tracy have been in the business together as business partners since their wedding day in 2000. Justin Tracy learned the trade from his father and has clocked long hours in the drywall business since 1995.

We have the best drywall specialists in town for small drywall (sheetrock) repairs, remodels, additions, water damage repair, and settling cracks or step-through.

The Houston Chronicle did a full-page story on us in the business section, and Bob and Michael interviewed us on the Home Improvement Hotline (950 a.m. Sunday mornings 9-11 a.m.).

Our Mission

To raise the standard of quality, service and value at competitive rates. To share our knowledge by hiring and teaching local talent. To do business with integrity and honesty.


To build a network of contracting businesses that share our long-term vision of doing business in such a way as to earn your future business and referrals, as opposed to the short term thinking that dominates the current local environment of short term mentality contracting. 

Our Vision

A more beautiful city of quality maintained homes and businesses with real and creative solutions to our very real problems that come with no zoning, flooding and fly by night crews that are not invested in this city we all call home. The solutions have to come from a place of care and we do.

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